Major re-design for MY NASA DATA

The MND website has gone responsive! Gone are the klunky fixed width themes, now MND looks great on mobile. It’s interesting how just by making an extremely responsive theme, the website looks great on really any platform. That’s really the whole idea.

So we had some issues with our data viz tool, we didn’t get hacked but the software we use did get hacked in another organization. For security purposes, we pulled the app and worked on it ourselves. After about 3 months of coding, and re-coding, and working with the security folks, the original developers and others, we got a clean scan and the app was back online. During that time, I also thought that the site needed a face lift, and the first theme was really a collaborative effort–I wasn’t the one who picked all the colors etc.

Anyway, the new design features captured video from the International Space Station, through their incredible HDEV (High Definition Earth Viewing) experiment. It’s comprised of 4 HD cameras that are mounted on the ISS. You can see live video there through their Livestream.


Year Developed: 2010-2013

Client: NASA – Science Direcorate, Langley Research Center

Platform: WordPress

Design: Custom WordPress Theme

Notes: Since 2010, I’ve worked as the technical lead for the MY NASA DATA project, guiding the development of the website from a basic ‘homemade’ PHP CMS, to what it is today–a modern multi-faceted WordPress website that integrates a plethora of web technologies.  The website provides data visualization services for over 250 data parameters, integrated Jquery and DBA scripts, serving around 20,000 visitors per month.  Focusing on SEO, I’ve doubled the number of visitors to this website in one year.  This is currently my main project.


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